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of Jesus
to all the world.

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Global Missions at Cascade Fellowship

We partner with 17 global missionaries who reach the unreached people of the world. By partnering with these missionaries, we're displaying our commitment to take all of Jesus to all of the world—and that takes all of us!

Our Global Mission Partners

For the safety of all of our mission partners, information listed online is limited.

Tim and Renee

Region: Global

Role: Pastoral care for workers in “closed” nations

Dwight and Jeanne

Region: United States

Role: Directors of Arab American Friendship Center

Jared and Melanie

Region: Southeast Asia

Role: Living among an unreached people group and translating the Good News in their native language

Jeff and Julie

Region: Central Europe

Role: Campus and refugee work



Role: Coordinates a radio program reaching oppressed and unreached women

Dave and Blanca

Region: Mexico

Role: Team leader for missionaries in the field

Jason and Adina

Region: Central America, South America, and the Caribbean

Role: Coordinates radio programming across the region

Paul and Nydia

Region: Mexico

Role: Teaching at a seminary and translating Christian resources into Spanish

Chris and Rachel

Region: Middle East

Role: Developing strong leadership teams for house churches among an unreached people group

Mani and Grace

Region: South Asia

Role: Seminary professor and church planter

Todd and Jen

Region: North Africa

Role: Discipling through surgical training, teacher education, and community development among an unreached area

Sos and Kara

Region: West Africa

Role: Education training for teachers in two countries and run a teacher’s resource center

Roy and Jennifer

Region: West Europe

Role: Serving among refugees and immigrants


Region: Global

Role: Leads and guides mission partners in Africa, Europe, and South/Southeast Asia


Region: West Africa

Role: Training educators Christian curriculum

Josiah and Alyssa

Region: Europe

Role: Serve teenagers living on an American military base

Peter and Raquel

Region: Middle East

Role: IT Systems for a mission organization; serving native people in the region.

You can get involved!

There are three easy ways for you to be involved.

1. Join the Global Missions Support Team.

We have a team of volunteers committed to meeting the needs of our Global Mission partners. Currently serving on this team:

Bly Bylsma, Pat Langeland, Bill Venneman, Harold Schnyder, Shelley Toren, Jason VanHorn, Beth Diepstra, Shannon Quist, Paul Krombeen, Audra Brummel and Nancy Helmholdt (Coordinator).

2. Support the work.

The Global Missions team relies on what’s given to the Global Missions fund to support both short- and long-term partners. Our goal for 2022 is to raise $125,000.

3. Be informed.

Each month we receive newsletter updates from some of our global mission partners. And throughout the year, there are also opportunities to meet our partners and care for them while they’re in the area. Stay informed of what our partners are up to, and how you can serve them, by joining our email list. Subscribe below.

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