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Week of February 7-13

Chapter 4: Deliverance

Exodus 1-7, 10-17

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Conversation starters for your triad, small group, or family discipleship time.

  1. Moses might have been the least qualified person to lead the exodus from a worldly perspective. Why do you think God regularly uses people like Moses? What difference does knowing that make in your life?

  2. “You will know that I am God” is a constant refrain in our reading this week (Ex. 7:5, 17; 8:10, 22; 9:14, 16, 29; 10:2). How does this change your view of the plagues? God is strong enough to accomplish the exodus with only one plague or even zero plagues. Why did he use ten?

  3. We do not worship the Nile River as a god today, but many of us still trust in things other than God for our provision. What are some things you may have put in the place of God in your life?

  4. During the final plague, the angel of death only turns away from the Israelite households because blood is on their doorway. What does this teach us about the way God saves?

  5. Spend time meditating on 1 Cor. 5:7, Rom. 5:9, and 1 Peter 1:18-19. How does this week’s reading point to Christ?

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next week

Next week we'll be reading Chapter 4 of The StoryNew Commands and a New Covenant 

Exodus 19-20, 24-25, 32-24, 40