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Week of January 31-February 6

Chapter 3: Joseph: From Slave to Deputy Pharaoh

Genesis 37, 39, 41-48, 50

sunday's message:

unstoppable god

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chapter three

discussion questions

Conversation starters for your triad, small group, or family discipleship time.
  1. Looking back on your life, are you able to see some of the ways God might have been working for your good behind the scenes?

  2. Do you ever wonder why God does what he does? Do you think Joseph ever wondered why God didn’t choose an easier way to preserve his family?

  3. When you find yourself in unfair circumstances, do you ever want to just “phone it in” and not give your best effort? Why do you think Joseph did not do that?

  4. What new insights from the story of Joseph might help you forgive those who have hurt you?

  5. Even though Joseph trusted God and made wise decisions, he still ended up bearing the weight of other people’s sin. How does this affect how you see suffering and hardship in your own life?

  6. In Genesis 39, we learn that the Lord was with Joseph in his darkest times. How can you be more aware of God’s presence with you during difficulty?

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