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Week of June 27-July 3

Jesus' Ministry Begins

Sunday's Service

John 3:16

Pastor Bill Whitt

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Discussion Questions

Questions you can use in your family worship, small group, or triad discussions.
  • How is the Trinity evident at the baptism of Jesus? If someone were to ask you to define the doctrine of the Trinity and biblically defend it, could you?

  • Jesus has now come out of Egypt, passed through water, and has entered the wilderness. How does this remind you of Israel’s journey?  Do you think this is significant?

  • What does Jesus teach us about how to face temptation (Matt. 4:1-11)?

  • The concept of discipleship is present in this week’s reading (John 1:35, etc.). What is a disciple?

  • Jesus explains to Nicodemus how a person is made right with God, and it involves a new birth. If someone asked you what it means to be “born again,” what would you say?

  • Why was it so scandalous to church leaders that Jesus would heal a man on the Sabbath (Mark 2:1-9) and to hang out with sinners (Mark 2:10-13)? How do we have to fight against that same Pharisaical spirit today?

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