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Week of May 23-29

Daniel in Exile

Daniel 1-3, 6; Jeremiah 29-31

Sunday's Message

Faith Under Fire

Pastor Bill Whitt

Midweek Video

Discussion Questions

Discussion starters for your small group, triad, or family worship time

  • Daniel and his friends remained true to their convictions, even when placed under enormous pressure. How do you think they were able to do that?

  • How would you define faith? How does Hebrews 11:32-38 affect your definition?

  • Do you agree with the statement, “Everybody has faith in something”? How do you see that in this week’s reading?

  • How can you be sure of God’s love for you and presence with you, even in the difficult times of life?

  • Why do you think God would allow us to go through fiery trials in life?

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