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Week of April 11-17

The Trials of a King

2 Samuel 11-12, 18-19; 1 Chronicles 22, 29; Psalm 23, 32, 51

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Discussion Questions

Discussion starters for your small group, triad, or family worship time.
  1. As Chapter 12 of The Story begins (2 Samuel 11), we see David enter into sin and begin a domino effect of other sins that followed. Identify each of David's sins and how it led to another sinful choice of action in his life.
  2. David's sins did not just affect him but others around him. Note the effects on the following people: Bathsheba, Uriah, the prophet Nathan, the military commander Joab, the baby conceived by Bathsheba, other people in David's life.
  3. Once Uriah was dead, David seemed to think her had gotten away from his coveting, adultery, lying, and murder. But when Nathan confronted him, David realized that God knew everything. What are some of the ways we can deceive ourselves into thinking we have covered our tracks and hidden our sins (from ourselves, others, and even God)?
  4. King Saul (when confronted by Samuel the prophet) did not admit his sin, repent, and really seek forgiveness...he made excuses. That is why God rejected him. How is David's response to facing the reality of his sinfulness different from Saul's (2 Samuel 12)?
  5. If you could have asked David at the end of his life, "What advice and insight would you give me about temptation and sin?" what might David say to you if you are presently dabbling in sin?

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