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Week of January 17-23

Chapter 1 - Creation: The Beginning of Life as We Know It
Scripture: Genesis 1-4, 6-9

sunday's message:

The World As it was meant to be

Pastor Bill Whitt

midweek Family video:

January 20

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discussion questions

Conversation starters for your triad, small group, or family discipleship time.
  1. Read Revelation 22:1-5. How many similarities can you find between this passage and the description of Eden in Genesis? Will knowing how the story of the Bible begins and ends impact your reading of everything in the middle?
  2. The writer of Genesis says God made everything out of nothing. This contrasted strongly with other religions of the day. How does it contrast with other religions and worldviews today?
  3. In Genesis, God repeatedly describes everything he has made as “good.” What are the implications for Christians living in the world today?
  4. Adam and Eve’s sin indicated they wanted to decide for themselves what was good and what was evil. Do you think this describes sin in the world today? In your own life at times?
  5. What impact did sin have on Adam and Eve’s relationship with God, with each other, and with their activities in the world? How can you see these same impacts in your life?
  6. After sin entered the world, Genesis 4-11 records how it spread and infected every part of creation. Still, God’s grace is present throughout. How many instances of God’s grace can you find in this week’s reading? What is the most meaningful, and why?