The Story | This Week

Week of August 1-7

The Resurrection

Matthew 27-28; Mark 16; Luke 24; John 19-21

Sunday's Service

He is Risen! 

Pastor Bill Whitt

Midweek Video

Discussion Questions

Questions you can use in your family worship, small group, or triad discussions.
  • Why do you think people do not recognize Jesus easily after the resurrection? Why doesn’t he explicitly reveal himself more quickly?

  • What does the nature of Jesus’ resurrection reveal about our own?

  • It seems people in Jesus’ time did not expect him to die or to rise again. Why do you think this was the case?

  • If Jesus really is the key to understanding the Old Testament, how does that influence the way you read difficult passages?

  • Why do you think Luke records Jesus eating with the disciples and asking them to touch his wounds?

  • Why do you think Jesus’ resurrection body still has scars?

  • Do you feel called to be part of the Great Commission? How can you spread the news about Jesus’ resurrection?

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