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    Friday Communication
    August 7, 2020
    Worship Outdoors in August

    Join in worship down by the creek at 10:30am.
    Sign up required (see below)

    • Socially distanced seating areas for family groups, designated by pinwheels with worship supplies attached (QR code to download lyrics on a smart phone as well as paper copies, water bottles).Please leave pinwheels for use each week.

    • Listen from your car. Park in the South/Hub lot, facing Cascade Road, and tune your radio to 89.1 FM. (available only on church property) No sign up required if you stay in your car.

    • Livestream not available: A recording will be posted by 1pm on our website.
    • Weather permitting: Changes will be emailed and texted to congregation early Sunday morning and we will offer livestream at 10:30am instead.
    State guidelines limit outdoor gatherings to 100 people.

    Please sign up for worship.
    No sign up required if you stay in your car.

    If you prefer, contact Jessica Maddox (jessica@cascadefellowship.org) and she will sign you up.
    We celebrate the Lord's Supper this Sunday.

    Pre-packaged elements (not gluten free) will be available to those worshiping on site.
    Those worshiping at home may use whatever bread or crackers and juice they have at home.
    Read the latest information on church ministries and service opportunities here.
    Love people through your prayers! Read the latest Praise & Prayer Heartline here.
    Second Quarter Report

    Read about the work done by Admin Board, Ministering Elders, and Service Deacons.
    This Week's Highlight
    As followers of Jesus, we were meant to radically love those around us and give the world a glimpse of what God is like. But this is easier said than done. What does it actually mean to love like Jesus? And why do we so quickly get bogged down in our own selfishness, sin, and futile efforts?

    In this 6-part Bible study series, Dr. Les Parrott examines Jesus’s life and character traits to give practical definition to what it means to love like Jesus. The Holy Spirit invites us to trade detachment, exclusivity, judgment, fear, and self-concern for mindfulness, approachability, grace, boldness, and self-giving. He empowers us to love like Jesus, and frees us to experience genuine joy.

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    Loving People

    Car Needed Do you have a vehicle you can sell (<$3,500) or loan to a visiting seminarian family (Carmen & Uri Bautista Alcívar) for two years? Contact Service Deacon Lisa Groeneveld for more information, lisajgroen@gmail.com.
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    6655 Cascade Road SE, GR MI 49546

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