Online Discipleship

We realize that not everyone can come to church in person to study the Bible together, so we offer online thought-provoking videos  for your discipleship journey.

Mondays: Pastor Bill answers questions about his last sermon.

Fridays: Pastor Bill gives a preview of the upcoming sermon. 

Also find a series of videos from Dr. Jessica Maddox (Director of Discipleship & Outreach) on engaging with the world during a difficult time. 


Christians in a Divided World

How should Christians act in this 2020 world of chaos, pain, anger, and division?

Join Jessica for a three-part series on this challenging but important question.



We believe being a follower of Jesus Christ means choosing every day to walk a path that draws us and others closer to Him.

This path challenges us to

     KNOW more about Him

     GROW in our faith in Him

     SERVE Him in this world

     SHARE His saving grace with others