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This Sunday

Sunday, April 11: Pastor Eric preaches this Sunday on "The Sin and The Cover-Up" from 2 Samuel 11. 

We'll be diving back into chapter 12 of The Story starting Sunday.

  • worship this Sunday

    There are three ways to celebrate Easter with us this Sunday:

    1. Watch Online (click to watch live)
    2. In person—live in Upper & Lower Worship Centers, plus simulcast available in the Youth Center.
    3. Dial-in (call 616-271-1001)
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    There are three great ways you can continue giving to the ministries of Cascade Fellowship.

    1. You can give securely online here.
    2. You can give in-person at the kiosk, located at the entrance to each Worship Center.
    3. You can mail your check to the church.

    We encourage you to prayerfully consider giving above your regular gift to this ministry this week:

    Sharing Fund

Next at Cascade

We're excited to offer some ministry updates at Cascade Fellowship this spring!

Starting April 18

Sunday worship starts at 10am

Classrooms available for birth-5 years

Middle & High School students begin meeting in-person

We're also offering a 3-week class for people new to Cascade Fellowship.

Want to learn more about the church? Text CASCADE to 94000 to sign up.

Prayer Updates

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(Updated April 9, 2021)
Thank you for praying for our church family!

  • Ian & Deborah E. (Care Group #7) Pray for healing and strength as Deborah is struggling with mobility issues and must keep her legs elevated.
  • David & Heather H. (CG #6) ask prayers for their soon to be 3-year-old son Michael who will undergo dental surgery Friday, 4/16 to address a number of dental concerns. Pray for him to tolerate anesthesia well and for good healing.
  • Jack & Jo H. (CG #1) Jo will have back fusion surgery Wednesday, April 14 at Metro Hospital and anticipates being there 3-4 days. Please pray for peace of mind, and successful procedure and recovery.
  • Robb & Jennie K. (CG #7) Jennie has her next round of chemo next week. We are thankful to God that a recent scan does not show any new cancer spots. Pray for effective treatment, strength, patience and endurance. A few dates were added to the meal calendar:
  • Wayne & Pat L. (CG #3) Wayne completed his chemo treatments and radiation! He had some bad side effects but they are gradually dissipating. His lack of taste has not returned and he’s lost a lot of weight. Pray for healing, return of strength and taste. His next scan will be mid-May.
  • Dave & Carol P. (CG #4) Dave returned to the hospital Saturday due to breathing difficulty and fatigue. He does not have walking pneumonia, but faces congestive heart failure due to a leaky mitro valve in his heart. Yesterday he moved to ICU because of breathing difficulty from fluid build-up, and had a procedure to remove fluid, which helped a lot. Dave’s body now needs to stabilize and recover so he can undergo surgery to repair or replace his heart valve.
  • Jim & Marlene V. (CG #3) Jim returned home from the hospital Wednesday and is doing quite well. Please continue to pray for healing and patience.
  • John & Marilyn V. (CG #6) John is home and grateful to be feeling well and improving daily. They are very grateful for your prayers.
  • Pray for those under the care of hospice: Paul B. (CG #7) in nursing at Raybrook, Hank T. (CG #5) at Breton, Gladys V. (CG #7) in nursing at Beacon Hill, and Jean W. (CG #8) at Clark at Keller Lake,
  • Lance Corporal Joseph D. (CG #2) The Marines Corps made many recent structural changes. After deactivating Weapons Company, Joe was assigned to Charlie Company and named squad leader. On Good Friday Joe boarded a cargo plane for a month-long mission. Before departure, mom, Heather, asked Joe for his prayer requests. He asks for safety for himself and fellow Marines, for his tricky ankle to be stable, relationships and performance in this new Company, for wisdom when Joe chooses a Junior Marine for honor, for good nourishment, and safety during live fire maneuvers.
  • Many in our church family face chronic pain. Pray for relief, healing, and endurance.
  • In March and April, we focus on Tall Turf Ministries, our Partner Ministry that equips youth and families for lives of reconciliation in God’s world. Pray as they seek to fill jobs for summer camp.
  • Mission partners Jason & Adina H. in Bonaire are grateful for your prayers and are now feeling much better.

Do you find yourself lonely, missing your church family, in need of prayer or pastoral care? Please contact Julie Beezhold, 616-949-4342 or

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