Will resume later this fall.

Children's Worship provides a way for the youngest to worship God in a setting designed for their abilities and prepares them to worship as a family when they are older. Children's Worship is during the worship service. Please be sure to check your child in. Children will be moved to Sunday Morning Discipleship when in session.

Children's Worship Coordinator: Laura Brink click here to send an email to Children's Worship

Little Children's Worship - 3 year olds (year round): 3 year olds explore God through stories and play stations. 

Children's Worship Options - Pre-K (4's and Y5's), Kindergarten, 1st grade (Sept thru May):
Children experience God through worship in a setting designed for their abilities. Each worship time follows an order of worship similar to that in the Worship Centers, from God's greeting through praise, a message, response time, and a concluding blessing.