Jehovah Jireh, God will provide!

We saw God move in a mighty way on the first Community Night of 2022. It was 6:00 and people were arriving, ready for a delicious pizza dinner…. The problem was that the company that we placed the order through, got the date wrong. There were no pizzas to be served!!

A volunteer quickly drove to a nearby pizza company and grabbed whatever they could give us that they had on hand. We had enough pizzas to feed the kids before their classes started. God provided!

And just as we ran out of the “kid pizza” the pizza company delivered the order that we originally requested. God provided. Just the right timing. Just the right amount. At the end of the evening, we had a total of 4 slices left. 4 slices!

Had the order been delivered as expected, we wouldn’t have had to get more pizza, and we would have been short! God knows our needs and He provides for us – sometimes in the most unexpected ways!

How have you seen God provide in your life? We’d love to know about it! email to share your God story!