When you hear the word alone what do you think of? How do you feel? I’d venture to say that a majority of us have negative feelings associated with the word alone.

Alone makes us think of pain of a child being excluded from a group of friends.
Alone makes us feel the sting of waking up each morning after the death of a spouse.
Alone pulls us towards the anxiety of trying to find five minutes of solitude to escape the pressures of being a young mom or a overworked employee.
Alone reminds us that this treatment plan, this one plan alone, is our final option for a cure.
Alone is our elderly neighbor.
Alone is the one person in a room of many trying to share an opposing opinion.

Alone was Leah the wife of Jacob.
Alone was Elijah in the wilderness.
Alone was David on the run.
Alone was the bleeding woman desperate to be healed.
Alone was Jesus. My God! My God! Why have you forsaken me?

505 years ago, Martin Luther began a movement, the Reformation, from which we have our roots as a Reformed church. The Reformation used the word alone in a profoundly different and encouraging way. Five times to be exact.

Grace alone
Faith alone
Christ alone
Scripture alone
Glory of God alone

We believe that Christians are saved by grace alone, through faith alone, in Christ alone, as revealed by Scripture alone, to the glory of God alone.

Have you ever found more joy, comfort, security and hope in a single word when it is used in such a profound way?! God alone has made a way to remove the sting of everything negative associated with the word alone. Christ alone is our refuge, he is our strength, our God whom we trust.

I pray that today, instead of feeling the pain of alone, you feel the love of God your Father when you hear the word alone. He alone provides comfort, He alone made a way for eternal communion with God. There is no other lasting source of joy and peace, there is no greater love. In Him, you are never alone. He loves you fiercely and He alone is to be given the praise!

To the glory of God alone! Happy Reformation Day!