This article is adapted from a print version of “In the Loop,” a quarterly publication from Cascade Fellowship.

Since our fall kick-off, we have been offering four “venues” for worship each week! We have live worship in the Upper and Lower Worship Centers, a mask-required video feed in the Youth Center, and a live stream option online. We are pleased to see close to 450 individuals worshiping with us in these four different ways each week.

We continue making improvements to the worship experience in all of these venues by making specific changes. For example, we added tables to the Lower Worship Center to encourage a communal style of worship. Masks are required in the Youth Center for those who desire to have this option during the pandemic. Audio/Visual upgrades in the Upper Worship Center include a new sound system and new cameras. We have also improved the live stream option by upgrading our streaming equipment and training volunteers to operate the latest equipment. We also have added a live chat option to the live stream to make it more engaging and participatory.

We have a small group of individuals who cannot join us in worship and do not have access to the technology that would allow them to watch the live stream. These individuals have “worship at home” packets sent to them each week so that they can still participate in the corporate worship experience at Cascade Fellowship.

I am so encouraged to see us able to worship as one body in so many different ways!

We currently have around 70 people who serve as vocalists, instrumentalists, camera operators, slide operators, audio engineers, and live production assistants each month. Running two live venues plus the live stream requires nearly 20 people each Sunday to make everything happen!  I am so grateful for these men and women who serve with such joy.

In June, we were pleased to bring Luke Lytle on staff as our Live Production Lead. Luke is overseeing the live production. He has great ideas and brings much experience to our team. We are excited to see how God will use him here at church. He is beginning to train volunteers as we continue to add to our volunteer needs on Sunday mornings.

Our team of vocalists, musicians, and production volunteers enjoy using their gifts during Sunday morning gatherings. We all love the added opportunities like the block parties this summer, leading worship at our partner church, Community CRC, caroling this winter, and more! We are always looking to add to our teams. If you are interested in using your gifts in this way, don’t hesitate to get in touch with me!

Lynn Stob

Worship Director